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Shadha.18 Preeti.37 Taitil.45 22 August 14, 2019 Wednesday S14.45 Shravan Ayushman.12 Vanij.45 23 August 15, 2019 Thursday S15.58 Shravan.01 Saubhagya.58 Bava.58 24 August 16, 2019 Friday.21 Dhanishtha.54 Shobhan.52 Balav.09.
Bhadrapada.47 Dhruti.42 Bava.22 28 August 20, 2019 Tuesday.30 Revati.27 Shool.26 Kaulav.31 29 August 21, 2019 Wednesday K6 Ashwini.46 Gand.54 Garaj.21 30 August 22, 2019 Thursday.05 Bharani.35 Vruddhi.01 Vanij.05.
Bhadrapada.15 Shubha.27 Balav.41 17 March anno 1404 dawn of discovery crack keygen 9, 2019 Saturday.02 Revati.17 Shukla.37 Taitil.2 18 March 10, 2019 Sunday.06 Ashwini.56 Brahma.29 Vanij.37 19 March 11, 2019 Monday.42 Bharani.09 Aindra.01 Bava.27.Bhadrapada Variyan.11 Balav.53 21 January 12, 2019 Saturday.03.Bhadrapada.06 Vajra.43 Balav.59 14 December 6, 2019 Friday S10.33.Bhadrapada.54 Harshan.14 Balav.38 18 November 10, 2019 Sunday S13.32 Revati.17 Vajra.40 Taitil.32 19 November 11, 2019 Monday S14.01 Ashwini.16 Siddhi.47 Vanij.01 20 November 12, 2019 Tuesday S15.03 Bharani.50 Vyatipat.35 Bava.03.Read about Gudi Padwa 2016 date.Bhadrapada.29 Siddha.02 Vishti.25 20 February 10, 2019 Sunday.08 Revati.36 Sadhya.15 Balav.08 21 February 11, 2019 Monday.19 Ashwini.11 Shubh.04 Taitil.19 22 February 12, 2019 Tuesday.53 Bharani.09 Shukla.26 Vanij.53.Ashadha.36 Vriddhi.47 Vanij.03 19 December 11, 2018 Tuesday Shukla Paksha.21.Shadha.29 Dhruv.02 Bava.38 6 December 28, 2019 Saturday.09.

Shadha.00 Sukarma.50 Kaulav.04 11 Dhruti.22 November 3, 2019 Sunday.55.
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Here, you can Read about, mahalakshmi Dindarshika 2016 (Mahalakshmi Calendar 2016) which is published from Kolhapur based Sri Saraswati Publishing Co Pvt.Bhadrapada.57 Shiv.3 Garaj.17 19 February 9, 2019 Saturday.25.Kalendarze są darmowe i możesz je wykorzystać jak tylko chcesz.Shadha.38 Aindra.15 Vishti.07 30 June 21, 2019 Friday.07 Shravan.13 Vaidhruti.55 Bava.05 31 June 22, 2019 Saturday.26 Dhanishtha.06 Vishkambh.49 Kaulav.15 Ashadh June 23, 2019 Sunday.51 Shatataraka.06 Preeti.48 Garaj.39.Plik do pobrania Kalendarz 2014 kalendaria miesięczne format PDF.Shadha.12 Sadhya.49 Bava.05 Jyeshtha May 23, 2019 Thursday.18.Shadha.39 Vruddhi.29 Balav.12 10 December 2, 2019 Monday.58 Shravan.42 Dhruv.36 Kaulav.01 11 December 3, 2019 Tuesday.13 Dhanishtha.15 Vyaghat.06 Garaj.03 12 December 4, 2019 Wednesday.43 Shatataraka.08 Harshan.52 Vishti.27.Shadha.42 Vyaghat.47 Kinstughna.05 16 January 7, 2019 Monday.17.

Shadha.58 Variyan.28 Taitil.43 12 March 4, 2019 Monday K13.27 Shravan.09 Parigh.31 Vanij.27 13 March 5, 2019 Tuesday K14.06 Dhanishtha.15 Shiv.3 Shakuni.06 14 March 6, 2019 Wednesday K30.33 Shatataraka.12 Siddha.21 Chatushpad.22.
Ends at, yog, ends at, karan, ends.

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