Sheeps wool fly patch

sheeps wool fly patch

The lack of control over this infestation can lead to loss of condition in animals, reduced wool clippings, reduced leather quality, death and disease transmission to other animals.
Leaving struck sheep in the mob attracts more blowflies.
Further information can be found in the AWA Management to avoid tail docking sheep technical paper, which can be accessed here.
Where maggots remain, the two common flystrike preventatives, dicyclanil (e.g.Collect the maggot-infested wool into a maggot-proof (plastic) bag and leave the bag in the sun for a couple of days to kill all maggots.However, to be economically viable they need to be efficient at attracting and killing flies large numbers of female flies over a sustained period of time.In the UK, blowfly strike is usually caused by the greenbottle fly.Fly traps are also used by some farmers to help combat high numbers during the warmer weather.Susceptible flocks have been shown to have fleeces with longer, heavier, thicker fibers with a lower crimp frequency, and higher fiber diameter with a higher variability, and fiber thickness has been proposed as a potential measure of blowfly resistance ( Raadsma, 1993 ).

If intestinal parasites are controlled on time and scour this can also help prevent fly strike in an animal.
Broughan and Wall, 2006 ).
When sheep are attacked by these flies they lay eggs on dirty wool or open wounds on the animal.Note: A product registered as a flystrike "dressing" is different to a preventative.There are also chemical treatments available to farmers to help prevent fly attacks.CLiK) and cyromazine (e.g.Wool patches will begin fall off the animal as the infection develops.Soiling with feces or mycotic infection of the fleece, as a result of high humidity, can trigger an attack ( French., 1995 ). .The adult, lucilia sericata are usually a metallic green and can also have a copper green color.Flystrike normally occurs during the warm humid weather we have been experiencing as of late.Blowfly season in temperate regions is June to September.

Interestingly, it is possible to train dogs to differentiate between resistant and susceptible sheep ( Greef., 2013 ) and differences in the odor of struck sheep could potentially be used as an important indicator trait for resistance ( Smith., 2009 ;.
In general, earlier and more intense farmer intervention, to reduce sheep susceptibility and treat struck animals during the blowfly season, would result in lower fly populations and reduced disease incidence, whereas at the start of the season, before fly populations increase, direct control of flies.

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