Automatic vs manual muscle cars

Which Transmission is better at the drag strip?
It's often less expensive to repair your manual transmission car.
In fact, Ive even"d Justin in a magazine article as saying that if he had to own an auto-equipped Mustang it would be one with a 5R55S slush-box.
About Shifting, shifting, whether it's done by the driver or by the car itself, is an important part of driving.One uses a clutch pack, while the other uses a torque converter.Also, your preferences strongly affect the decision.Both cars run those times rather effortlessly and consistently without any drama.You've probably noticed that there is a gauge on the dashboard called the "tachometer." This gauge shows the RPMs for your engine cocina y meditacion hermana bernarda pdf by chuska and has a scary-looking red area, which is fittingly called the "red line." In order to protect your engine, you need to change.

It provides a nice logical demonstration as well.
They explain by using some neat graphics!
These explore a virtual transmission in order to demonstrate how the internal components work.
Here is another busted myth!
If you want to slow down without using your brakes as much, you can downshift and let the engine help slow the car.Automatic or Manual trans?Vehicle Tune Up LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted.In fact, I am not alone in being impressed with the 5R55S as MM FF Editor and die-hard stick-shift racer.Evan Smith has stated on many equations he likes racing his wifes auto-equipped 07 Stang.In a manual transmission car, you are responsible for shifting gears using the clutch and gas pedals.In newer automatic transmissions, the car will shift itself faster than you could shift a manual.Credit Ford for fanning the flames with the awesome 5R55S ( Mustang GT) and 6R80 (2011.0L Mustang) automatic transmissions as they have gone toe-to-toe on the drag strip with stick-shift equipped Mustangs.Both types of vehicle will get you where you need to go, and all it takes is a little practice to learn to drive a manual car.If you choose to buy an automatic, be sure you learn to drive a manual car anyway.And then there are moments when I just dont mind throwing the shifter in Drive; maybe its a sign that I am getting older!This can be helpful anytime you need to accelerate quickly, such as when you merge onto a freeway.If you do a lot of multi-tasking while driving, an automatic can be helpful.Manual transmission cars typically get better gas mileage.Buying a stick shift can save you several hundred dollars on the purchase price of your car.

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